Welcome to Therapy On The Move

Therapy On The Move is a New York based private mental health practice providing evidence based psychotherapy to both individuals and communities in need of mental health support.  Services are:  individual and group counseling, consultation, and clinical supervision.

We are licensed in Florida for telehealth services.
Our Florida telehealth provider registration number is TPSW3083.

Providing expert care for you.

If you feel alone, confused, lost and thoroughly misunderstood please know that there is a place to come and to make sense of difficult questions as: why are my relationships not lasting? Why am I always extremely nervous? How do I gain confidence? Am I ready to change schools or move on to new employment? Why can’t I stop crying? We are here to listen.

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Building better lives for our patients.

We use various modalities, including psychoanalytic skills, CBT and DBT techniques. We believe that each client is unique and the therapeutic encounters are personally configured around our client’s needs. Anyone (especially young adults) struggling with relationship, behavioral, emotional, and vocational challenges can seek our assistance.

Therapy On The Move provides expert care to manage and treat mental health disorders. We are dedicated to building better lives for persons suffering from mental illness. We are here to help. Call Us Today! (718) 673-2740

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